About Me

So the first thing to know about me is I like lists.


  • I like writing, editing, spending time with family, going to church, bullet journaling, songwriting, and reading
  • I will read any genre but I prefer historical fiction, faith-based, literary fiction, memoir, fantasy, autobiography, YA, some action, and basically anything that is good, except poetry. I don’t tend to read a lot of that.
  • I have a bachelor’s in English from Midwestern State University. Currently working on my master’s in Book Publishing at Portland State University (and staff member at Ooligan Press)
  • I’m an assistant daycare teacher. I love babies and young children!
  • I speak 4 languages: English (duh), Spanish (native), French (fluent), Korean (super beginner). I want to learn ASL, Arabic, Mandarin, Japanese, and Russian
  • Both a morning person and a night owl, which is never ideal
  • Psalm 23 is my fave Psalm. Romans is my fave book of the Bible.
  • Things that make me happy: Chick-fil-A, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, pho, Thai tea, boba tea, sushi, ranch, chocolate, YouTube, spontaneous hang outs, rain, music, lipstick
  • Veggietales stan, Whovian, Potterhead (Gryffindor), Whovian, Water or Air bender (can’t decide), Sherlockian
  • Kdramas and kpop (multistan)
  • For some reason, I never put periods at the ends of a multi-sentence tweet, or on bullet points, except for when I do. (You just checked, ha)

Also, I just love talking to people about stuff and listening to people talk about things they love. Just hit me up on Twitter or Facebook if you want to talk.