I haven’t written in a long time, but a few days ago I went to Powell’s with a friend and I just wanted to be consumed by the books. Truth be told, I think about this blog often and how much I want to write and I just can’t seem to find the time or will to write in between work, school, social media responsibilities, and generally just existing.

Earlier this week I was working on an assignment for my Typography class. It was passed late o’clock and I was sitting on the floor, surrounded by a pile of books, trying to stay calm under the pressure of a deadline.

Then it struck me.

I was sitting on the floor surrounded by piles of books, worried about an assignment about books, going to school for books.

Seriously, how many people can say that? I was overcome by how blessed I am to be who I am and to be doing what I am doing. I immediately stopped to thank God for this blessing. I also put everything in His capable hands. I’m so thankful that, even when everything seems like it’s crumbling, I know he will always catch me, be my support.

Have you ever stopped to think back at how the odds have been against you from day 1? Maybe that’s not everyone’s case but it certainly is mine. Statistically, I shouldn’t even exist right now. My mother had an ovarian cyst as a teen and had to have an ovary and part of a Fallopian tube removed. The doctor didn’t give her good odds of having a child, much less more than one. I could write an entire list of odds (that I didn’t realize until adulthood) were not in my favor, but that will have to be for another time. I have work to do.

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